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Day 13


Even though I was up rather late last night I still got up early and since I was so excited I didn’t even mind. I went to Pura Besakih; it’s a place that signifies the oneness for the kingdom of Balinese Hindus. There are approximately 30-38 temples, but no one is for sure. It was a spectacular sight. I spent hours wandering around, it’s not a lot of space to cover, but it’s so beautiful and peaceful. And a full day of this only cost me $10CAD. Later on in the evening I just stayed at the inn and took in all the culture that was around me.

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Day 12


Yesterday I decided that after seeing all the monkeys the day before that I would go and check out some other animals…so I went scuba diving so I could see all the little fishies and the coral. Bali has some of the most amazing diving and even after I had heard all the great things about scuba diving here and I got my expectations ridiculously high, I was not disappointed it actually was above and beyond my expectations. After playing in the water all day I decided to go for some more tea this time I had Sosro Jasmine tea…delicious, I also had coconut rice beef.
Today I decided to tour the town and do a little more shopping I found so great local markets and I just couldn’t resist and I ended up getting some beautiful handmade jewelry and this gorgeous hand carved wood jewelry box. It was a very relaxing day, but I ate way too much mie goreng (fried noodles). Later in the evening I went to Ramayarans Play at the palace that was an amazing production! I’ve never seen anything like it.

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Day 10

Lombok to Bali

Yesterday I left Lombok and came to Bali. I took the public ferry, it took about 4 hours but I thought it was really neat I got to hang out with the locals, I thought it was rather fun. Once I got off the ferry I just took a cab to my hotel…which was actually a completely traditionally decorated inn, the Ina Inn. It was amazing and the little restaurant only prepared traditional meals. Coolest experience thus far…well as far as accommodation goes!

Today I went to Monkey Forest. So cool! The monkeys are long-tailed macaques and they are everywhere they come right up to you! And the temples, they represent sacred Balinese Hindu sites and are incredible. I spent the entire day exploring, and the people that are trying to preserve the forest are doing an amazing job. They are their telling people why it is so important to conserve the forest and what they can do whenever they visit a place of such beauty. I thought this was a great thing; it really made some people aware of how much even the littlest things can make a huge negative impact. And for such an amazing experience it cost a minimum donation of $1CAD. After such a long day I went for Jahe Wangi (ginger tea) and Ayam Kacang Bukittingga (peanut chicken), it was absolutely delicious.

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Day 8


Well I was up early again today with another big day ahead of me. Today I went to Otak Kokok Gading and Jeruk Manis Waterfall AKA “Aik Temer”. The waterfall was about 2.5km in side of a lush tropical forest… I took a bus to Tete Batu and then I rented a motorbike and drove to the edge of the forest and then continued on foot until I reached the waterfalls…well worth the journey. People believe that this waterfall can cure baldness. After I finished touring around the waterfall, I rode the motorbike back into Tete Batu and stayed there for the rest of my day. Tete Batu is a small village is located on the slope of Mt. Rinjani and the people are so friendly and unique.

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Day 7


Today was crazy I went to Mt. Rinjani. It’s an active volcano, and it’s the third largest volcano in Indonesia. It was so cool! And at the base of the volcano is Crater Lake…this lake is a destination that thousands of pilgrims visit and bring offerings to place in the water, and then they bath in the water because the hot springs are believed to be able to cure diseases. I thought that was pretty neat, and I took so many pictures, the view was spectacular, I had done a little research on www.rinjaniexplorer.com and saw some pictures on there, and they do no justice to actually seeing it! After spending a good portion of the day at the volcano I was starving so I decided to go out for a huge meal. I ordered nasi campur which one of the girls that I had met at the dreamland highly recommended; it was boiled rice with a side of meat and a side of veggies, my plate was heaping and it was absolutely amazing I could hardly even finish half. And my waitress lady was so friendly… although I found out that you don’t leave tips here, I must say I felt bad.
view-of-cr..ake-and.jpg rinjani.jpg

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