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Day 6

Jakarta to Lombok

Well I got up bright and early this morning and caught a flight to Lombok. I didn’t really do to much after I finally found my hotel…The Holiday Resort Lombok. This hotel is absolutely gorgeous, it has everything, I spent most of my day out by the pool though.

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Day 5


Yesterday I decided to explore the city and do a little shopping. I decided to go to the Pasar Traditional Market. It was amazing, the street was packed with people and yet they were all so friendly. As I was wondering through the market I saw all this amazing hand carved wooden souvenirs. Apparently the people in Indonesia are quite the crafts men. But I found these hand carved bowls that I knew my mom would just love so I had to get them for her. The man was asking for 143625 Indonesian Rupiah… so about $15 CAD for the set of three which I didn’t think was a bad price at all, but I am on a pretty tight budget, so I bartered with him and got him down to 76600 IDR so about $8 CAD, it was great. I found a few more things at the market, and then I decided to check out the Taman Anggrek mall and then I made my way to Glodok (China Town) that was really interesting. And after all that shopping I was beat and ended up going back to my hotel for a bubble bath!

That bubble bath last night did wonders for my soar feet and I was up bright and early to start my day as soon as I could. I decided to go to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland) and I had a blast. When I first got there I met some other travelers while waiting in line and we all hung out today. Ancol Dreamland had everything it seemed like… it had a theme park with a ton of crazy fun rides, a water park, beaches, golf, a mini sea world, bowling etc. It was so much fun… I don’t think it would have been as good if I didn’t make some new friends to go on rides and go swimming with.

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Day 3


Last night I had the best sleep ever and woke up fully refreshed. I decided to still take an easy day and just get adjusted to a new place. I went to Sea world! I had so much fun, the people were so friendly, the main language in Indonesia is Indonesian, so there was a bit of a language barrier… plus I learned a few valuable lessons.
Lesson #1 Always use your right hand when eating or giving and receiving objects.
Lesson # 2 Always absolutely always carry toilet paper with you, the bathroom facilities aren’t much of what I’m use to, luckily I met a fellow tourist that was happy to give me these tips and generously gave me some tp to get through the day! Then I just caught a glimpse of a few things that I can’t wait to check out tomorrow!

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Route Map

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Day 2


Yesterday I spent all my time in and out of airports and airplanes, it was such a long trip; only a 20 hour flight… no big deal! I left from Calgary at 10:45 pm on June 20, I then flew to Vancouver and then to Hong Kong finally after losing 2 days from the time difference, I finally made it to Jakarta, Indonesia at about 1 in the afternoon.

When I was waiting to check in at the airport, I met a couple that was also going to Indonesia and the worst thing ever happened, the wife was told that she was being denied the flight to Jakarta because her passport was going to expire in 5 months and a passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the departure date….and then the husband was also told that his passport wouldn’t be accepted either, because their needed to be a blank page for an Indonesian visa; maybe next time they will book through a travel agent so this doesn’t happen again! Or they might just want to go on to www.voyage.gc.ca to read up on this kind of stuff before they leave.

I was so sleepy from the jet leg that I settled into my room at the Ritz Carlton and just relaxed the rest of the day…. But since I slept all day I was totally out of a routine, so I spent my day today at the hotel hanging around the pool and just being really tired hoping to sleep great tonight so I can start my exploration of this amazing place.

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