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Map of Indonesia


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Day 18

Jakarta to Calgary

Home time! I got full tacked and ready to go for today because today my flight was at 8:20 am and I finally got home at about 6:20 pm and now I begin readjusting to the reality of being back :-(

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Day 17

Java to Jakarta

I took a later flight back to Jakarta, so I could spend a little more time in Java. But I eventually got back to the Ritz Carlton, where I stayed at the beginning of my trip.

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Day 16

Bali to Java

Yesterday I took another ferry and left Bali and went to Java. For some reason moving cities seems to just take so much out of the day that once again I just went to my hotel… Graha Cakra hotel and got all settled in, even though my trip is coming very close to an end. This hotel was older and still a little more traditional, but not like the Inn in Bali.

Today I had a great night sleep so I could go and see one of the most amazing places and the one I was most excited for during this trip. I went to Boroburdur. It is a tree tier Buddhist Temple, and it lies directly south of Tidar Hill, a small knob on the valley floor which according to myth nailed the island of Java in place. It was made a world UNESCO Heritage Site; it was so crazy to see! And it only cost $7CAD because I’m a student! Even thought it was rather hot today, it is custom for women to be rather covered up when visiting religious sites; I looked on www.asiarooms.com/travel-guide/indonesia/culture-of-indonesia/indonesian-etiquette.html to find out some common customs and etiquette before I left for this trip. Then I spent the rest of the day just wandering around and taking a ton of pictures.

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Day 14


I decided to take a relaxing day today and I just went and lazed around on the beach all day. It was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been on!

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